Off Grid Solar System 2160W, 2700W

  • Off Grid Solar System 2160W, 2700W

Off Grid Solar System 2160W, 2700W

Product Item : HR2160, HR2700



• Applicable for areas where have unstable power grid or high cost power 

• Grid power priority or battery power priority can be selected and set on inverter (LCD display) in usage                

• Battery power be the emergency power when grid power is off in Grid-Power-Priority mode     

• Automatically switch to grid power when battery power is discharged to a certain range in Battery-Power-Priority mode 

• Reliable for long-time running


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   Solar Power2160W2700W
   Possible ApplianceLight Bulb, Table Fan, TV,           RefrigeratorLight Bulb, Table Fan, TV,                 Refrigerator
Laptop Computer, Microwave Oven, etc.9000BTU Air   Conditioner, etc.
   Load Power< 3000W< 3000W
  Solar Panel
   TypePoly 270WPoly 300W
   Quantity8 pcs9 pcs
   Dimensions1640 x 992 x 40mm1956 x 992 x 45mm
   Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)31.26V36.72V
   Maximum Power Current (Imp)8.64A8.17A
  PV Cable and Connector
   Outdoor PV Cable4mm²4mm²
   2 to 1 PV Connector1 pair/
   3 to 1 PV Connector/1 pair
   MC4 Connector1 pair1 pair
  Solar Charge Controller
   Quantity1 pc1 pc
   Charging ModeMPPT
   Max. PV Input Voltage150V
   Protection GradeIP30
  Solar Battery (Lead Acid Gel Battery)
   Type12V 200Ah12V 250Ah
   Quantity4 pcs4 pcs
   Battery System Voltage48V48V
  Inverter with AC Charger
   Rated Power 3000W
   Peak Power6000W
   DC Input Voltage48VDC
   AC Output Voltage Options (US or EU)110VAC / 230VAC
   AC Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
   Protection GradeIP30
   Indoor DC Cable, Minimum 5 AWG Wire or         RV 16mm² WireMinimum 3 AWG Wire or                 RV 25mm² Wire
   DC Circuit Breaker to      Solar Charge Controller
   Solar Charge Controller to Battery,
   Battery to Power Inverter
  PV Mounting System
   MaterialAluminium or Galvanized Steel
  General Features
   Working ConditionAmbient Temperature - 10℃ ~ 50℃, Humidity ≤ 95%
   Self-protectionOver-load protection, short-circuit protection, over-heat protection

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