GZ series Three Phase Inverter with AC Charger 100KW

  • GZ series Three Phase Inverter with AC Charger 100KW

GZ series Three Phase Inverter with AC Charger 100KW

产品编号 : GZ100K

GZ series three phase inverter with AC charger is developed for energy storage solar system or uninterruptible power system (UPS). It is an advanced tool of power conversion. It can supply you with AC power converted from a DC power source, while it also has a battery charger with grid power AC input. GZ series inverter with AC charger is a stable power source in power plant for industry, commerce or residence.


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• Convert 48V/96V/192V/240V/384V DC power to 3/N/PE 380V AC pure sine wave power 

• Charge the batteries with grid power AC input, charge current 0 - 45A adjustable 

• Working mode options by switch: Battery-Priority mode (DC), Grid-Priority mode (AC) 

• Wide AC voltage input voltage to endure voltage instability 

• LCD real-time display, concise and straightforward 

• Various communication ports and remote controls (RS485/RS232/APP/SNMP/GSM optional) 

• Over load protection, over voltage protection, low voltage protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, reverse polarity protection


Working Mode OptionsGrid-Priority mode (AC) / Battery-Priority mode (DC)
Output Rated Power100KW
 Surge Power300KW
 AC Voltage3/N/PE: 380V
 WaveformPure sine wave
 Frequency50Hz ± 1Hz
 CommunicationRS485 (RS232 optional)
 Efficiency≥ 85%
DC Input DC Voltage360V384V
Grid   Power   AC Input AC Voltage3/N/PE: 380V
 Frequency50Hz ± 5Hz
Battery   Charging Charging   Current0 - 45A optional
Protection Overload, Overcurrent, Short-circuit, Over temperature
Others Transfer Time≤ 4ms
 Working Temperature-10℃  - 50℃
 CoolingTemperature Control Fans
 Noise≤  55dB
 Dimensions925 x 760 x 1450 mm / 36.4 x 29.9 x 57.1 inches
 Net Weight850 kgs / 1874 lbs
 PackingCTN:  99 x 83 x 159 cm, 1 pc, 895 kgs / 39.0 x 32.7 x 62.6 inches, 1 pc, 1973 lbs
 Warranty3 years

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